Pacific Tool, Inc. New Supplier Information

The following information is provided to help you complete any new supplier surveys, questionnaires, or information requests that may be part of your vendor onboarding process. For any inquiries you may have that are not answered here, please contact Julia Ryakhovskiy. You can download this document here.

Quality Conformance Checklist

  • All Pacific Tool processes and procedures are compliant with the requirements of International Standards AS9100 & ISO9001.
  • AS9100 & ISO9001 certifications have been granted through NSF-ISR, an ANAB-accredited registrar.
  • Pacific Tool is an approved Boeing tooling vendor per Boeing Standard D6-56202, demonstrating compliance through annual audits and periodic random inspections.
  • Pacific Tool maintains ITAR-compliant facility and document access controls.
  • Detailed work instructions are generated for every production order to ensure all product and contract requirements are met.
  • Pacific Tool utilizes both in-process and final inspection activities to ensure the conformance of product to design and contractual requirements.
  • Measurement and test equipment used for product verification and validation is calibrated at regular intervals to ensure accuracy of results.
  • Boeing has granted Pacific Tool Delegated Inspection Authority for its products. Our quality record and processes have given them confidence that product will be right the first time, every time.
  • Pacific Tool takes non-conformances seriously. Any discrepant material is promptly identified and segregated to prevent entry into the supply chain. Aggressive corrective or preventive actions are initiated to eliminate recurrences in future work on impacted or related product.
  • Pacific Tool maintains complete and accurate records of production activity, including certificates of conformance for raw material and components. These records are kept for a period of your choosing (typically 10 years) and are always available for access upon request.

Company Background

Pacific Tool, Inc. was founded in 1966 in Seattle, WA.

Manufacture of high-precision machined products and assemblies for aerospace, defense, and commercial industry applications. Pacific Tool has extensive expertise in specialized aerospace tooling and Boeing Standard Tool manufacturing.

Manufacture and assembly of over 25,000 different products. Pacific Tool ships over 2 million parts annually with a customer satisfaction rating of over 99.9%. On-time delivery results over the past year were better than 98.5%, with over 60% of those shipments arriving to our customers in 2 days or less.

15239 NE 92nd Street
Seattle, WA 98052
office: 425-882-1970
fax: 425-869-7724
email: [email protected]

Important Management Contacts
President: Bobby Holt
Service: Lee Falck
Quality: Chris Jenne
Accounting: Julia Ryakhovskiy
Engineering: Evan Tremblay
Purchasing: Matt Sels

Quality Management System Certifications
AS9100D & ISO9001:2015 (.pdf of certificate opens in new tab)