High-quality precision tooling, components, and fixtures for aerospace and commercial industrial applications since 1966

PTI supports integrators of large aircraft subsystems. We manufacture complete subcomponents allowing integrators to focus on their core competencies of larger assemblies.


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AS9100 Certified

Planners, toolmakers, and machinists with more than 270 years of collective expertise in quality machining. Utilizing the latest technological advances in the industry.

From Prototype to Production

PTI is a full-service manufacturing facility. Our commitment to quality and on-time delivery is reflected in our investment in advanced manufacturing and inspection equipment and the capabilities required to deliver the precision products demanded by the commercial aviation industry.

As your full-service resource, PTI has the

PTI supplies the piece/part components to the integrators, who either design and assemble the systems or simply assemble the subassemblies.

Industries Served


Long a major producer of tooling for Boeing Aircraft, PTI has also been producing flight-ready parts for aircraft manufacturers since 2003.

PTI serves aerospace with certified standards in:

Boeing Relationship

PTI offers an extensive in-stock product line of support tools for the manufacture and maintenance of Boeing aircraft. This inventory is coupled with a 43-year investment in jigs and fixtures to support the manufacture of over 2000 varieties of Boeing designed tools.

PTI has become intimately familiar with Boeing’s assembly tool requirements, enabling us to


PTI supplies aftermarket machined components for safety products our customers have designed for automotive applications.


We have manufactured replacement and spare parts for a wide variety of vehicles, ranging from fighter aircraft to military personnel transports to navy vessels.


PTI’s expertise in solid form engineering has allowed us to partner with biomedical innovators, assisting them in designing durable components for their complex assemblies.


PTI provides diverse industries with machining components and subassemblies. One example is the manufacture of parts for pneumatic tools used in road maintenance and other applications.